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  • Juvenile Chinook
  • Orca and Salmon
  • Coastal Geologic Services surveys beach conditions for one of FRIENDS' shoreline restoration project
  • FRIENDS conducts forage fish egg surveys on local beaches
  • Volunteers help plant shoreline vegetation along a restored forage fish spawning beach on Shaw Island

Shoreline Research
Restoration and Protection Planning
Habitat Restoration Projects
Technical Assistance
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Map, Report and Data Distribution


San Juan County Nearshore Habitats Map - Includes surf smelt and pacific sand lance spawning beaches, Pacific herring spawning grounds, deep water edge of eelgrass habitat and bull kelp habitat.

You'll need either Adobe Acrobat Reader (download), Google Maps (download) or ArcView

Acrobat Map

Nearshore Habitat Assessment Results (pdf)

Google Maps

Feeder Bluff Mapping Project Maps
Contact FSJ for full report and ArcGIS files

San Juan County surf smelt and pacific sand lance spawning habitats

San Juan County known and reported Pacific herring spawning sites

Bull Kelp Distribution

San Juan County Eelgrass Habitat
(deep water edge



Zip File


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Recent Projects and Reports

Healthy Beaches for Fish and People Project Reports

Friends of the San Juans. 2014. Healthy Beaches for People and Fish: Protecting shorelines from the impacts of armoring today and rising seas tomorrow. Final Report to WDFW and the U.S. EPA. Friday Harbor, Washington.

Loring, K. 2013. Addressing Sea Level Rise and Cumulative Ecological Impacts in San Juan County Washington - Through Improved Implementation and Effective Amendment of Local, State, and Federal Laws. Friends of the San Juans.FridayHarbor, Washington.

MacLennan, A., J. Waggoner and J. Johannessen. 2013. Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for San Juan County, Washington. Prepared by Coastal Geologic Services for Friends of the San Juans.

Whitman, T., D. Penttila, K. Krueger, P. Dionne, K. Pierce, Jr. and T. Quinn. 2014. Tidal elevation of surf smelt spawn habitat study for San Juan County Washington. Friends of the San Juans, Salish Sea Biological and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Whitman, T. and S. Hawkins. 2013. The impacts of shoreline armoring on beach spawning forage fish habitat in San Juan County, Washington. Friends of the San Juans. FridayHarbor, Washington.

Pulling It All Together for Salmon Recovery Final Report

Appendix A - Project Teams

Appendix B - Marine Riparian Inventory and Maps

Appendix C - Pocket Beach Mapping Report

Appendix D - Sea Level Rise Risk and Resiliency Assessment

Appendix E - Process Degradation Matrix

Mapbook 1 - Fish Use Priority Areas

Mapbook 2 - Process Degradation

Mapbook 3 - Integrated Protection Priorities

Mapbook 4 - Integrated Restoration Priorities

Mapbook 5 - Long Term Protectin SLR

Mapbook 6 - Long Term Restoration SLR


Feeder Bluff Mapping Project

Due to size limitations, report provided here is text only. Copies of the report with map books and/or the spatial GIS files are available on dvd by contacting FRIENDS.

Pilot Cumulative Impacts of Armoring on Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Study

Pilot Tidal Elevation of Spawn study by Dan Penttila

San Juan County Sea Level Rise Inundation Maps (large file)

Pilot Study by Coastal Geologic Services on Resilient and At Risk Priority Nearshore Habitats of San Juan County


Shoreline Modification Reports

Inventory of Shoreline Modifications for San Juan County, Washington.

Contact FSJ for ArcGIS files and project photos.

San Juan County Shoreline Modification Inventory Restoration Opportunities Report


San Juan County Forage Fish Spawning Habitats:

San Juan County Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Assessment Report

Forage Fish Habitat Map book

Exploratory Herring Spawn Surveys Report

Watch Surf Smelt Spawning in Blind Bay on Shaw Island - Video produced by Tessa and Tina Wyllie-Echeverria


Bull Kelp and Eelgrass Distribution and Research

WDNR Protocol Report

Friends of the San Juans Kelp Habitat White Paper

San Juan County Eelgrass Report and Maps

Annual Eelgrass Monitoring Maps

- Blind Bay

- Fisherman Bay

- Westcott Bay

Restoration Assessment of Eelgrass Decline Report

Restoration and Protection Planning

Analysis of Shoreline Permit Activity 1972-2005

Spatially explicit report on shoreline permit activities and trends for San Juan County.

San Juan County Nearshore Impact Assessment

This report summarizes the Countys direct impacts to nearshore marine species and habitats through ownership and management of shoreline infrastructure.

Soft Shore Restoration Blueprint and Appendix

Restoration prioritization for modified beaches in documented and potential forage fish spawning habitat in San Juan County.  In partnership with Coastal Geologic Services.

Mud Bay, Lopez Island Restoration Blueprint

Restoration prioritization for modified beaches in the Mud Bay region of Lopez Island.  In partnership with Coastal Geologic Services.

MacKaye Harbor Communty Nearshore Restoration Feasibility Report

Restoration prioritization and community engagement for impacted intertidal and coastal wetland habitats in the MacKaye Harbor region of Lopez Island. In partnership with Coastal Geologic Services.

San Juan County Habitat Protection Blueprint Project

Identification of most important shoreline habitat sites for long term protection using existing conservation strategies such as acquisition, easement or tax incentive program.  Geographic Systems modeling effort that incorporates biological, land use, landscape and landowner willingness information into the analysis.


Other Reports

Puget Sound Basin - Biodiversity Assessment

Published by the Center for Biological Diversity, with assistance from FRIENDS

Marine Mammals and Acoustic Pollution

By: Rebecca J. Bressan, Washington State University Sponsored by, Samish Indian Nation and The FRIENDS of the San Juans

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